Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday post

There's a couple of changes-
  1. I bolded the larp titles on the resume page so that they'd be more distinct from character names.
  2. The 'profile' page that used to exist between clicking a username and getting to their larp resume has been shortcutted. Once I actually implement profiles, it will probably become a link on the side of their resume page -- I suspect that people are primarily interested in each other's resumes when they click a username, not in their profile.
  3. It's now possible to remove yourself as a PC, NPC, or GM from a run, and as author of a game. Just go to the larp or run page, and click the handy 'remove' button next to your name.
The last change is big, since that's the most frequent "please fix this" request I've received.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A couple new features

Well, I've added a few new features to the site.
  1. There's a link to this blog in the footer. In fact, that's probably how you found this blog.
  2. There's an "I wrote this larp" button on each larp page. If you click it, your account will be associated with the larp.
  3. The "Upcoming Larps" RSS feed link now works. It's located at feed:// . Depending on your browser, you should see an RSS icon on the home page of the site.
In the interest of sanity, I'll stick to releasing updates to the site on Sundays. Though, I'll probably skip this coming Sunday due to the craziness of Intercon.

Friday, February 25, 2011


So, has launched. It'd been up for about six months, but I didn't advertise it, and then I started my new job. After that, I had a lot less free time.

The launch was a bit of a surprise for me. About four days ago, someone mentioned Larp Resume to someone else, a link was posted to LJ, and now there's about 40 new people registered. I'm really ecstatic, and I've been getting good feedback.

Feature Requests
A good number of people have put in feature requests and bug reports. So far, the most requested features are:
  • Ability to add authors to larps
  • Ability to edit entries
I'm currently working on adding authors to larps. I've implemented it in my dev environment, now I just need to test it to bits before rolling it out to the main site.

I've also found a small bug with spoiler level controls, which I'll roll out Sunday night.

The ability to edit entries will be a bit more complicated. Until then, feel free to ask me to make updates to entries.

Please email me any suggestions/bugs/etc -- I really enjoy feedback, and it helps me to know what features to focus on.