Friday, February 25, 2011


So, has launched. It'd been up for about six months, but I didn't advertise it, and then I started my new job. After that, I had a lot less free time.

The launch was a bit of a surprise for me. About four days ago, someone mentioned Larp Resume to someone else, a link was posted to LJ, and now there's about 40 new people registered. I'm really ecstatic, and I've been getting good feedback.

Feature Requests
A good number of people have put in feature requests and bug reports. So far, the most requested features are:
  • Ability to add authors to larps
  • Ability to edit entries
I'm currently working on adding authors to larps. I've implemented it in my dev environment, now I just need to test it to bits before rolling it out to the main site.

I've also found a small bug with spoiler level controls, which I'll roll out Sunday night.

The ability to edit entries will be a bit more complicated. Until then, feel free to ask me to make updates to entries.

Please email me any suggestions/bugs/etc -- I really enjoy feedback, and it helps me to know what features to focus on.

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